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Disrupting systems of cultural bias and highlighting channels of access for the Latinx


Healing generational trauma to better love ourselves.

Unlearning toxic belief systems to become better humans.

Serving our community to uphold each other.

Thriving in the face of adversity through compassion and gentleness.

Leading our lives and journeys unapologetically to live an authentic life. 

Empowering one another by uplifting our truth and lived experiences.



Dra. Brenda Anahi Galvez, Co-Founder & CAO

As a first-generation Latina, Dra. Brenda believes that education is important for social and economic mobility and that it is critical for individuals to invest in their communities. She works towards increasing access to under-represented communities in areas of higher education, financial literacy, and self-advocacy. When she's not spending time with her daughter, Audrey, Dra. Brenda likes to watch true crime shows. She recently graduated from UCLA with her doctorate in Eduational Leadership. 


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Eve A. (she/her/ella), Co-Founder & Creative Director

Eve, a Mental Health advocate, mother, and entrepreneur, is deeply devoted to elevating mental health awareness in families and communities. Having personally faced the challenges of Bipolar Type 1, she firmly believes in the potential for meaningful and healthy lives when supported by strong networks, essential resources, healthy boundaries, and the understanding that illnesses do not dictate one's success.


Maricela & Clara, Viva Los Bows


Viva Los Bows was created in 2019 by mother, Maricela, and daughter, Clara, when they decided to take a leap of faith and showcase their culture through beautiful hair bows and bow ties. Maricela, the maker behind the sewing machine, was born and raised in Tlajomulco, Jal. and has over 20+ yrs. of working in factory. Clara was born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca. and is behind everything else needed at Viva Los Bows. All their items are made by hand using authentic acrylic material from Mexico. Their proudest design is their Mexican-themed accessories; their inventory includes hair bows, headbands, scrunchies, and hair clips. You can find Viva Los Bows on IG at @vivalosbows.


Erika Altamirano, JAEK Accessories

Erika is was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and is a mother of 4. She is the proud owner of JAEK Accessories which is named after her children. She started her business in August 2020 and her love and passion for jewelry making has given her the wonderful opportunity to get to know other beautiful souls. Erika creates unique pieces where no two are the same. You can find JAEK Accessories on IG at @jaek_accessories.

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