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Dra. Brenda Anahi Galvez (she/her/ella), Co-Founder & CAO

As a first-generation Latina, Dra. Brenda believes that education is important for social and economic mobility and that it is critical for individuals to invest in their communities. She works towards increasing access to under-represented communities in areas of higher education, financial literacy, and self-advocacy. When she's not spending time with her daughter, Audrey, Dra. Brenda likes to watch true crime shows. 

Eve A. (she/her/ella), Co-Founder & Creative Director

Eve, a passionate Mental Health advocate, devoted mother, and driven entrepreneur, is on a mission to enhance mental health awareness within families and communities. Through her personal journey overcoming the hurdles of Bipolar Type 1 disorder, she is unwavering in her belief that individuals can lead fulfilling and healthy lives with the right support systems, crucial resources, well-defined boundaries, and the knowledge that personal success is not dictated by illness.

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